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BSAC Beachcomber has been introduced to support clubs and dive centres in providing more family-friendly activities.

Designed specially for young children, BSAC Beachcomber is fun and easy to run. It can add an educational and inclusive element to a dive weekend or club holiday where there are non-diving family and friends. It is also ideal to run as part of snorkeller training.

You do not need a lot of time and experience to run BSAC beachcomber - what you need is passion and patience.

BSAC Beachcomber has been designed to introduce young people and those young at heart to the British seashore and to help them discover all the wonderful and weird creatures that can be found in rock pools. It will keep your young members occupied for hours and they will feel a part of the BSAC family doing a BSAC activity.

BSAC Beachcomber can be run over a few hours or as an all day activity.

What you will need

A beach, where rock pools can be found

An instructor resourse pack - these are free with a minimum order of five Beachcomber Activity packs

Any BSAC instructor qualification or have an appropriate qualification such as: teachers with QTS, teaching assistants, Scout leaders, Brownie leaders and ASA swimming instructors.

To be comfortable with and enjoy working with young people

BSAC Beachcomber activity packs for every child
You may also want to order bright Kidzs safety bibs, especiallu for larger groups


Supporting documents to download:

Appendix 1 - consent form

Appendix 2 - Information sheet for parents


You can purchase BSAC Beachcomber packs in our shop.

You can also order posters to help you publicise BSAC Kidz activities.



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